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Eufy Robovac X8 Robot Bagless Vacuum Cleaner T2262v11
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Model: T2262V11
RoboVac X8. 2 X 2000 Pa Vacuum. Laser SLAM. Dust Box Size: 600 ml. Multi-Floor Plan. No-Go Zone Setting. Mapping Display. Recharge and Resume. WiFi + Alexa + Google Assistant. BoostIQ. Runtime upto 180 minutes. 1 Year Warranty..
Ex Tax:€406.50
Eufy Robovac G30 Hybrid Smart Robot Vacuum With Mop T2253v11 Eufy Robovac G30 Hybrid Smart Robot Vacuum With Mop T2253v11
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Model: T2253V11
Robovac G30 Verge. 2000 Pa Vacuum. Multi-Floor Plan. Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0. Recharge and Resume. Built-in Infrared Sensors. Boundary Strips. Fall Prevention. APP Control. BoostIQ Technology 2Gen. WiFi + Alexa + Google Assistant. Runtime 110 minutes. Dust box size 600ml. 1 Year Warran..
Ex Tax:€284.55
Eufy Robovac G30 Verge Smart Robot Vacuum  T2252k11
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Model: T2252K11
Eufy RoboVac G30 Verge Smart Robot Vacuum. Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0. 2000Pa of Hard-Hitting Suction. App Control with Cleaning History. Set Boundary Strips. From carpet to hard-floor, the right path is always taken. Cleans at Your Request. Friendly Reminders. The advanced brushless motor s..
Ex Tax:€268.29
Eufy G10 Hybrid Robovac With Mop T2150v11
Out Of Stock
Model: T2150V11
RoboVac G10 Hybrid. 2000 Pa Vacuum. 2 in 1 mopping and sweeping. Dust Box size 450ml. Muilt-floor plan. Smart dynamic navigation. Recharge and resume. Fall prevention. WiFi + Alexa + Google Assistant. Runtime upto 100 minutes. 1 Year Warranty...
Ex Tax:€227.63
Model: BF2222BF980583
Powerful stick vacuum cleanerCordless and rechargeable for easier and safer vacuumingLightweight, easy to manoeuvre and suitable for all floors.EPA washable filtrationCrevice nozzle & dusting brushWall mount..
Ex Tax:€130.07
Model: 5WV5PLUSN
With the WV 5 Plus N, Kärcher, the inventor of the battery-powered Window Vac, is bringing a device to the market which perfects the effortless, streak-free and drip-free cleaning of windows. Longer cleaning sessions are possible without problems thanks to the extended battery running time. Thanks t..
Ex Tax:€89.42
Model: 5WV2PLUS
The Karcher WV2 Plus battery powered window vac offers the same great quality as the WV1 with added features and benefits. The WV2 Plus comes with a handy spray bottle kit to apply the detergent, making washing the windows easier and quicker than before. The window vac has an interchangeable suction..
Ex Tax:€73.16
Model: 5980581
Family & petsMulti cyclonic Bagless vacuum3 litreTelescopic tube700wLonger 7m cordPets turbo brush headEco brushCrevice tool..
Ex Tax:€89.42
Model: 5980579
Multi cyclonic bagless vacuum3 litreTelescopic tube700w5m cordHepa filter washableEco brushCrevice tool..
Ex Tax:€81.29
Model: 5980564
Morphy Richard 2 Litre Compact Bagged Vacuum. An energy efficient vacuum cleaner with 700W of power and one touch bin emptying. Perfect for your home and for the environment. The Morphy Richards Vacuum boasts a helpful, one touch bin emptying technology. The 2 litre capacity gives you plenty of cap..
Ex Tax:€65.03
Model: 5980563
Bagless Vacuum Cleaner2 Litre Capacity5M CableHepa FiltrationPerfect for light Household Cleaning..
Ex Tax:€65.03
Model: 56295795
Kärcher;s 500ml Glass Cleaning Concentrate provides streak-free results when used in conjuction with a Kärcher Window Vac . It allows for the non-aggressive removal of dirt, grease, insects, emissions and water marks without any surface damage. The bio-degradable formula ensures that the detergent i..
Ex Tax:€5.68
Model: 56110101
Electrolux Mondo, Proaction, Russell Hobbs & Zanussi Vacuum Bags. Packet of 5 Paper Bags..
Ex Tax:€8.12
Model: 56110086
Alternative Miele Adjustable floor brush Type SBD 450-3..
Ex Tax:€32.51
Miele Bag Gn S5 4/6/800
Selling Fast
Model: 56110023
Filters more than 99.9% of all dust particlesClean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag closureLonger service life with 3D vacuum cleaner bag technologyContents: 4 dustbags, 1 motor protection and 1 exhaust filterIncl. for Complete C1, Compact C1, Compact C2, S6, S4..
Ex Tax:€13.00
Model: 5500000235
Morphy Richards 980565 Dustbags & Filter3 pack..
Ex Tax:€9.75
Model: 5500000234
Morphy Richards 980564 Dustbag & Filter3 Pack..
Ex Tax:€9.75
Model: 54310623
Vacuum Cleaner with Power Efficiency Motor and Improved EfficiencyVacuum Cleaner can be used in Various Cleaning SituationsConvenient and Versatile with Three Integrated AccessoriesExtremely Convenient Height Adjustment thanks to a Comfort Telescopic TubeEasy Cleaning of Larger Areas due to 12m Oper..
Ex Tax:€203.24
Brand: Kärcher Model: 54310252
High windows can be easily reached The lance can be extended to a maximum length of 2 metres.Telescopic lance High quality microfibre pad with abrasive and soft fibresCompatible machines: WV Classic, WV 50-75, WV 1, WV 2, WV 5..
Ex Tax:€40.64
Model: 512034810
Cylinder vacuum cleaner with highly efficient motor for energy-efficient vacuuming.Versatile applications – universal floorheadEasy vacuuming of larger areas with 10 m operating radiusHigh suction power – 890 WConvenient and versatile with three integrated accessories..
Ex Tax:€178.85
Model: 512029900
High suction power 800WVersatile applications universal floorheadParticularly lightweight 5.8 kg with vacuuming accessoriesEffortless vacuuming of large areas with a 9 m operating radius..
Ex Tax:€138.20
Model: 511666850
Powerful cleaning performance thanks to vortex technologyAlways stays on track thanks to TrackDriveRetains even the smallest particles – Hygiene AirClean filterVersatile applications – universal floorheadExtremely convenient height adjustment thanks to a Comfort telescopic tube..
Ex Tax:€243.89
Model: 511666830
Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners for the highest hygiene demands, in a compact design. Powerful cleaning performance thanks to vortex technology Always stays on track thanks to TrackDrive Maximum air hygiene with #HEPA AirClean filter[3]with additional TurboBrush ideal for pet lovers Extremely conve..
Ex Tax:€308.13
Model: 511666820
Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners for superior care of sensitive floors, in a compact design. Powerful cleaning performance thanks to vortex technology Always stays on track thanks to TrackDrive Maximum air hygiene with HEPA AirClean filterGentle on delicate hard floors – flexible Parquet TwisterExtr..
Ex Tax:€268.29
Model: 164833
Hetty is not just a pretty face! She has all the features and specifications of Henry. Hetty brings professional cleaning to all and is packed full of innovative features. The cable and storage rewind system is a work of art, trouble-free and spring free and it keeps everything neat and tidy. Profes..
Ex Tax:€154.46
Model: 12034860
Cylinder vacuum cleaner with highly efficient motor for energy-efficient vacuuming. High suction power 890W. Versatile applications, universal floorhead. Easy vacuuming of larger areas with 10m operating radius. Convenient and versatile with three intergrated accessories. Long flexible crevice ..
Ex Tax:€178.85
Model: 12031860
Cylinder vacuum cleaner With maximum suction power and foot controls for thorough, convenient vacuuming.Versatile applications – universal floorheadMaximum air hygiene with #HEPA AirClean filterEasy cleaning of larger areas thanks to 12 m operating radiusPower Efficiency Motor with improved efficien..
Ex Tax:€243.89
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