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Brand: Westland Model: S20260663
Westland Nature's Haven Easy Wildflowers is the perfect mix of granular compost and easy to grow wildflowers seeds specially selected to bring bees butterflies and other beneficial insects into the garden. It contains a beautiful blend of free flowering countryside seeds including Ox-eye Daisy Cor..
Ex Tax:€20.32
Model: 9E871125299115
250ml+500ml+1000ml 3 Pcs Stackable Plastic Measuring Cups Set with ml Oz and Standard Measurement..
Ex Tax:€4.06
Premium Polytunnel Greenhouse (gs0001)
Brand: GardenSure Model: 9260754
High quality greenhouse for the keen gardener.Complete with six windows and one door.Heavy duty PE mesh fabric..
€129.99 €199.00
Ex Tax:€105.68
Model: 871125243408
SLIMLINE CONTOUR DESIGN - AQUA-WHITE COLOUR.Dreambaby's EZY-Toilet Trainer Seat makes toilet training even easier.The unique contoured shape give toddlers the confidence they need to succeed toilet training...
Ex Tax:€4.87
Model: 871125243407
Easy Carry And Comfortable Baby Potty Training Toilet Seat Kids Toilet Seat Potty Seat Buy Potty Training Toilet Seat Plastic Potty Seat Product On..
Ex Tax:€4.06
Model: 871125224576
Easy to transport and convenient to store. Hose reel material: PP. Comes complete with 1/2” quick connectors. Adjustable spray nozzle with seven functions (full mist jet shower flat centre cone) PVC-reinforced hose pipe. Anti-UV cadmium- and barium-free. Tool handle material: plastic. Garden ..
Ex Tax:€14.63
Model: 871125217330
Disc shooter and disc. Press the button to fire the disc. Diameter 15 cm...
Ex Tax:€2.43
Model: 871125216555
5pcs detangling hairbrush set..
Ex Tax:€2.43
Model: 871125214640
Brand Slazenger Dimensions 215 x 215 x 215 mm Weight about 0 375 KG..
Ex Tax:€8.94
Model: 871125202493
How many bubbles could you make with this great value bubble solution? Only 1 bottle supplied. Colour may vary. 1 Litre...
Ex Tax:€3.24
Model: 22E244168
Inflate and deflate airbeds and mats with this easy to use 5L Bellows Foot Pump from Eurohike...
Ex Tax:€9.75
Brand: Fortune Model: 080028260575
This heavy duty woven weed control fabric - 1m x 50m inhibits weed growth and reduces your garden maintenance. Although an effective weed block, it still allows water and nutrients to penetrate soil.Supresses weed growthExtra strong woven polypropyleneFor use under chips bark or stone..
Ex Tax:€32.51
Model: 07322003
Resolva Xtra Ready to Use Weedkiller is a non-glyphosate powerful systemic herbicide ideal to tackle troublesome broad-leaf weeds. Its selective concentrated formula has maximum coverage and does not damage lawns or grasses. When to Use Use Resolva Xtra Weedkiller Concentrate between April and ..
Ex Tax:€15.44
Model: 07322002
SafeLawn Liquid Lawn feed is 100% natutal and safe to use around children and pets. It greens the lawn in just 5 days and helps prevents weeds naturally. It is also ideal to use on young lawns due to its low salt content. Our liquid formulation allows nutrients to penetrate the soil faster than gran..
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Model: 07322001
Westland Ericaceous Granular Plant Food is a specially tailored high performance ericaceous food that naturally supports plant health for an abundance of stronger healthier flowers. Apply at the end of March and again at the end of June. For established plants or planting out use 40g per sq.m (app..
Ex Tax:€8.12
Model: 07322000
Give your garden a Boost with Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed. With PlantSense Technology 4 x more blooms and more fruit and veg guaranteed; Westland Boost All Purpose Liquid Plant Feed helps gardeners to achieve stunning floral displays and an abundant of fruit and veg that they desire..
Ex Tax:€8.12
Brand: Storm Model: 07220102
Storm Ultra Secure -275g is a single feed rodenticide based on flocumafen and is the perfect solution for controlling rats and mice. Proven ability to deliver a lethal dose in a single feed. Rodent death will occur 4-10 days after ingestion. The product should be placed in areas where rodent activit..
Ex Tax:€10.56
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