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Cleaning Accessories

Model: 569600190
Cloth set made of high-quality cotton with floor cloths and covers for the hand nozzle. The floor cloths are attached to the large floor nozzle. The covers for the hand nozzle can be easily and comfortably pulled over the hand nozzle. The sturdy toweling cloths take up the dirt optimally and present..
Ex Tax:€12.19
Model: 56990005
Work Surfaces to clean and remove stains caused by tea, coffee, fruit juice, felt tip etc.Ceramic & stainless steel sinks and basins to remove dirt, stains, soap scum arid limescale.China & Glassware to remove tea & coffee stains.Cookers to clean ceramic hobs and glass oven doors.Cookware to remove ..
Ex Tax:€4.87
Model: 19340025
Furex Kettle Descaler 250MlFast-acting kettle descalerPowerful and effectiveEnvironment friendlyRestore the performance of your machine..
Ex Tax:€4.06
Model: 56090025
For sparkling clean hobsRemoves burnt-on foodAntibacterial - Kills 99% of bacteriaFor electric, ceramic, halogen and induction hobs300ml..
Ex Tax:€3.24
Model: 1JEGHS0020C
Chef Aid Carded Kettle De-scalerPrevents Limescale Build-upAttracts Desposits in the WaterHelps get most out of your kettle..
Ex Tax:€2.43
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