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Model: 01020657
Mo Bacter is an organic fertiliser which works over a 12 week period releasing nutrients into the soil and killing moss. As it is completely organic it does not harm animals, wildlife or other plants.Organic based lawnfeedWorks up to 3 monthsDestroys existing moss within 3 weeks after treatmentKills..
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Brand: Fortune Model: 080028260575
This heavy duty woven weed control fabric - 1m x 50m inhibits weed growth and reduces your garden maintenance. Although an effective weed block, it still allows water and nutrients to penetrate soil.Supresses weed growthExtra strong woven polypropyleneFor use under chips bark or stone..
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Brand: Storm Model: 07220102
Storm Ultra Secure -275g is a single feed rodenticide based on flocumafen and is the perfect solution for controlling rats and mice. Proven ability to deliver a lethal dose in a single feed. Rodent death will occur 4-10 days after ingestion. The product should be placed in areas where rodent activit..
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